Mad Craft Beer Week Tourery- 2nd Annual

Hi All

It’s that time of the year again for Mad Craft Beer Week’s 2nd annual Tourery. Saturday 5/9/2015, the final weekend of Craft Beer Week.

For those that are new to this, we rent a bus, and drink a ton of beer all day long while we take tours of breweries…or sit outside in the sun and drink beer instead of taking tours.

Cost will be around $25/$30 a person, depending on participants. We might upgrade to a bigger bus this time around…

We’ll stock up beers for the bus and bring our growlers along to fill as we go. Breweries TBD but if anyone has ideas, let’s hear them. We’ll tentatively tour Ale Asylum and Karben4 as our annual staples and expand from there.

Water and Cheeseburgers!

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